Artistic Director
Kumudini Lakhia
Abhijit Pohankar, Sami Ullah Khan, Bernhard Schimpelsberger
Moh Studio
Light Design
Gyandev Singh


Meraki, the story of a young girl who parlays into identity, love, purpose and friendship, culminating into a self-discovery, a journey one would witness through this production.

Before it becomes light, even the sun rises to a dark vista. A young Meraki is lonely and forlorn, distressed by the suffocating vortex of society and peer pressure. As she contemplates her identity and purpose, she finds inspiration in another, one who revives her spirits and assures her that life is beautiful, and that true purpose is often shy and reticent, needing to be discovered gently and surely.

Meraki witnesses a group of young girls dancing together in an abundance of companionship and joy, their infectious energy claiming Meraki’s soul and heart. The pulsating choreography explores the ties that we forge outside of us.

All aglow and centered with renewed hope, a rejuvenated Meraki comes across a young man who is attracted to this happiness brimming within her and vies for her attention and affection. Enamoured by the primordial call of love, Meraki responds and surrenders to this emotion that is greater than us all. It further feeds her courage and confidence, and she then sets off to discover her individual identity.

A simultaneous dialogue between Meraki’s paramour and his male friends, the dance is fraught with the energy and exhilaration of youth and potential. In a choreography that is flamboyant and dynamic, the artists reflect surging emotions and the thrill of friendship. Anchored by dramatic swirls that represent both time and life, the dance is an ode to the ties that serve as our roots.

Joy is perhaps our most instinctual of emotions. It is who we are at the very core of ourselves. Having discarded her inhibitions and discovered her purpose, Meraki is life itself, affirmative and resplendent, her movements reflecting her confidence. Enticing and majestic, a woman who knows herself is incomparable in both allure and ability.

Society is the frame we weave the fabric of our lives on. And yet, we often forget that we can fashion this frame. A rapturous ensemble that showcases the indomitable spirit of Kathak, the finale represents how each one of us is a bridge, with an innate need to build, nurture and foster connections. Fast-paced and rigorous, the performance reflects of the many soul mates that await us on our journey.

As Lord Byron famously said, “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined!”

Sanjukta Sinha with Rupanshi Kashyap, Mitali Dhruva, Mihika Mukherjee, Krutika Ghanekar, Mansi Modi, Vidhi Shah, Mukesh Gangani, Abhishek Khinchi, Rohit Parihar, Mohit Shridhar, Sanjeet Gangani, Pankaj Sihag
Joby Joy, Mohit Gangani
Ashish Gangani
Murad Ali, Sangeet Mishra
Sawani Mudgal, Shruti Kale Shah, Gayatri Asokan